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Govt. Approved License Manufacturer / Repairer & Dealer

Govt. Approved Calibrator of Storage Tank of Petroleum, Chemical, Oil, Other Liquid Storage Tanks, Manufacturer of Weighing Machines and Complete Weighing Solution, Peg Measure. Leading Storage Tank Calibrator & Surveyor, N.D.T Inspection work, Inspection Survey & P.I Diagram in

India & Abroad

Commercial Weighing Scales

Discover our extensive selection of Commercial Weighing Scales, which encompasses the Mini Commercial Weighing Scale, Table Top Regular Body Weighing Scale, Bench Model Weighing Scale, Heavy Platform Commercial Weighing Scales, and Heavy Chequer Commercial Weighing Scales. We craft these scales using quality-tested components sourced from trusted market vendors.

Our Product Range

We stand as a leading manufacturer and exporter, specializing in a diverse array of Manual and Electronic Weighing Scales. These scales are in high demand across hospitals, gyms, and households, serving various weighing needs. Crafted with precision from quality-tested materials, our scales are known for their compact designs, accurate measurements, resistance to corrosion, long-lasting durability, and robust load-bearing capacity. Here's a brief overview of our product range:

Exceptional Jewelry Weighing Scales

At M/S. GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S., we have top-quality scales for weighing jewelry. Our main scale is known for being super accurate, looking nice, and working well every time. It's perfect for all sorts of places like jewelry stores, banks, pawn shops, and goldsmiths. We have lots of scales to pick from, like electronic ones and others, and we always deliver them quickly.

Our Digital Table Top Scales

In the ever-evolving world of weighing machines, traditional ones have made way for digital counterparts. Samurai Technoweigh India proudly presents a Table Top Weighing Machine, tailored for retail stores and shops. This user-friendly device boasts a perfect technical setup to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Portable Digital Scales for Every Need

Cardinal Scale has scales you can take anywhere. They're easy to use, useful, and don't cost much. They have all sorts of scales that can weigh from 150 to 2,000 pounds. The DR scales have a low flat part to put stuff on, a big screen, and a button to set the scale back to zero. The Run-A-Weigh floor scales are strong and have a special surface to weigh things like drums, boxes, and crates. All of Cardinal Scale's portable scales are light, and you can use them wherever you need to weigh things. Some even have wheels or handles to move them around easily. You'll see the weight number on a clear, bright screen. If you want scales that always work right and last a long time, pick one from Cardinal Scale.

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Tank Calibration

We excel at precisely measuring storage tank volumes. By doing so we ensure quantity control for various industries.

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Ship Tank Calibration

Our calibration services extend to ship tanks, ensuring the accurate measurement of liquid quantities for safe and efficient maritime operations.

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Tank Inspection

We conduct specialized surveys to assess tank settlements, roundness, and tilts. By conducting survey, we maintain consistent tank performance.

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Weighing Scales Service and Supply

We provide comprehensive weighing scale services, including calibration, maintenance, and the provision of top-quality scales for accurate weight measurements.

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Industrial NDT Consultancy

Our consultancy covers non-destructive testing (NDT) for industrial purposes. This is how we ensure the integrity and safety of vital equipment and structures.

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Pipelines Survey

We conduct surveys on pipelines to provide valuable insights into their condition and performance. Our pipeline survey is designed to ensure the efficient transport of liquids.

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Liquor Measures

We specialise in calibrating liquor measures ensuring precise dispensing and compliance with regulatory standards in the liquor industry.

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Area of Services

We specialise in calibrating liquor measures ensuring precise dispensing and compliance with regulatory standards in the liquor industry.

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OUR MODELS ARE APPROVED BY GOVT. OF INDIA, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Department of Consumer Affiars

Introducing ourselves as a Govt. Licensed Manufacturers, Repairers & Dealer of Weighing Machines (Electronics & Mechanical) both, and approved License Holder of Legal Metrology Dept. (Weights & Measure) Govt. of West Bengal. We design, develop and offer an extensive array of electronic weighing scales that is high in performance, durable in quality and give optimal output to the clients.


ScaleWe also fabricate high quality Jewellery scales that are widely used in Jewellery shops to measure weights of different jewelleries. Providing exact precise measurement these scales are designed and developed to measure different weight range in an easy way.


Scale To cater to diverse needs of our customers we are offering range of portable platform scales that can measure the weight of objects (heavy or light) that is placed on the platform. Specifically designed platform scales are available in sizes, capacities and models. Thus allowing our customers to select as per their requirement.


Top Scale High quality table top deluxe is available in reliable design that is most suitable for its effective performance. These portable table top measuring instruments are fabricated with fast weighing response, battery back-up and red/green led display that facilitates accurate result and easy readability.


Things to Keep in Mind When Using Digital Scales

  • Place the scale on a stable and flat surface: Make sure your digital scale is on a solid, level surface to ensure accurate readings.
  • Regular Calibration: Periodically check and adjust your scale to maintain its precision and reliability.
  • Allow the scale to stabilize before weighing: Wait a moment after turning on the scale to let it settle before placing items on it.
  • Use within Capacity: Stick to the weight limit specified for your scale to prevent damage and ensure accuracy.
  • Clean and maintain the scale: Keep your scale clean and well-maintained for longevity and accurate measurements.
  • Use for Intended Purpose: Only use the scale for its designed function, whether for food, postal, or other specific uses.
  • Be Accurate with Your Units of Measurements: Use the right units (e.g., grams, ounces) to ensure precise and consistent measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my scale showing me the right weight?

When you buy a scale from M/S. GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S, we'll show you the scale and make sure you're happy with it. But once you leave, it's hard to be sure it's accurate. To follow the law, you should keep 10% of the scale's capacity as extra weights. For instance, if you buy a 300 kg scale, you need 30 kg of extra weights. We think it's a good idea to do this because it keeps you legal, and you can double-check your scale's accuracy anytime. These weights aren't costly either.

Is the scale of a good quality?

When it comes to scale quality from M/S. GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S, it's like choosing a car – it depends on your needs. We focus on whether the scale suits its purpose. Our scales have a longer warranty (2 years) compared to the standard (1 year), ensuring durability. We provide free software upgrades for life and use top-notch components from ISO-certified companies. Our research and development team keeps us technologically advanced, making our scales cost-effective in the long run, with excellent durability and accuracy. We stand by our quality.

Will I get good service of the scale?

We have DIY videos in our help section, making it easy to troubleshoot and fix your scale on your own. If you still need help, you can call us and our engineers will guide you through the repair process. And if it's too tricky, we have a network of 1440+ repairers and technicians across India. Just download our app, request a repair, and they'll come to fix your scale. It's that simple and convenient.

Is the scale Government Approved?

Indeed, all of our scales from are Government Approved without a doubt. Each scale leaving our factory is 100% Legal Metrology Approved, and we provide a certificate as proof. For electronic scales, you get an original certificate, and for mechanical scales, you receive a photocopy of the certificate along with your purchase. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Is it worth it?

When you buy a scale, it's all about getting accurate measurements. A cheap scale isn't good if it can't do that. The right price for a scale includes accuracy, durability, support, and service. We promise you're paying the right price. We might not be the cheapest, but our products offer the best value for your money.

Which scale is best for my need?

Your industry plays a significant role in determining the right scale, with unique requirements for each. For instance, scales used in the ice-cream industry need moisture-resistant features.
The maximum weight you intend to weigh is crucial. It affects the scale's size, strength, and construction material. Industries like transport companies require heavy-duty scales.
Accuracy is essential. Different businesses have varying requirements for precision. For pharmaceuticals, minute differences matter, while grocery businesses may tolerate slight weight variations.
Understanding your industry, weight capacity, and accuracy needs will guide you to the ideal scale for your specific requirements.