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Liquor Measures - GCG ONGH Brand

Our Signature Brass Exports: 30/60 ml Jigger, Brass Peg Measure, Double-Sided Measuring Cup

Product Highlights and Updates

Brass Jigger Peg Measure: Crafted from pure brass, this versatile liquor measures tool allows you to measure 30 ml shots on one side and 60 ml shots on the other.

Brass Measuring Cup: Mixing the perfect cocktail is all about precise liquor measurements. Our jiggers provide the control and accuracy you need to create impressive drinks. You'll amaze your friends with your bartending skills, using the same equipment as the pros.

Reliable Peg Measure: Our pure brass yellow jigger instills confidence in your cocktail-making abilities. It empowers you to craft well-rounded cocktails for memorable moments with friends and family. Elevate your drink game with style and ease.

Brochure-Liquor Measures

Get Your Perfect Pour: Shop for Liquor Measuring Cups

  • Alcoholic beverages bring a world of flavors and delights, but achieving the perfect balance in your cocktail can be a challenge. The secret to crafting impeccable drinks lies in precision, and that's where we come in to lend a helping hand.
  • For each type of drink, there's a set amount to serve. This rule ensures that no matter the drink or container, the alcohol content remains the same. This is because you have chosen the right tool that ensures precise alcoholic spirits measure.
  • With M/S. GIRISH CHANDRA GHOSH & G.G.S, you can maintain consistency in every pour. If you want to ensure precise measurement of liquor, purchase your set today and unlock the secrets to consistent, impressive drinks.

Raise the Bar with Liquor Measurement Mastery

  • General This part deals with the requirements for liquor measures.
  • Type Hand operated
  • Denominations The dinominations of the types of liquor measures shall be as given below.
  • Hand operated: 60ml & 30ml.
  • Material The body f the liquor measures is brass sheets with sliver plated in both side inside as well as outside. The minimum thickness of the sheet for liquor measures shall be 1.2 mm and silver plated.
  • Shapes and Dimensions The shapes and nominal dimensions of hand operated liquor measures shall be as given in Figs.