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In 1956 parliament in acted the Standard of Weights & Measure Act - 1956. In order to replace the bewildering variety of Weights & Measures prevailing in the country by Standards based on Metric System these Acts were based on the their current International practices as recognized by the General Conference of Weights & Measures (CGPM) & International Organisation of Legal Metrology (OIML) In course of time there were changes in the matter of Weights & Measures aforesaid International body, i.e. C.G.P.M.

In order to take into consideration of changes to policy decision on metrological Standard and recommended for adoption by the signatory of the convention International system of units a) modernized & develop form of metric system and the other International body i.e. I.O.M.L. recommended a draft legislation on Weights & Measures for adoption of the same by the member country's.

India being one of the member country as expected implemented the said recommendation by replacing the Act of 1956 by another Act namely Standards of Weights & Measures Act 1976. In order to modernize the system of Weights & Measures in the country and thus after a good dead of measure taker by the Central Govt. the Standard of Weights & Measures Act 1976 came into existence.

The Enforcement aspects of the Weights & Measure was under the state list as per the 1956 Act but in the mean time by 42nd Amendment of the constitution, these enforcement aspects was transferred to concurrence list (state and centre can make Rules) but majority of the state did not take action for Revision of the prevalent enforcement legislation.

Consequently an enactment of comprehensive legislation for the Enforcement of Standards under 76 Act became as urgent necessity and accordingly the parliament of India provided for the enforcement of the Standards of Weights &Measures establish by or under the Standard Weights & Measures Act 1976 and other matters related there to in acted the "The Standard of Weights & Measure (Enforcement) Act 1985".

Section 83 of the Standard of Weights & Measures 1976 empower there central Govt, to make Rules necessary of Enforcement of the provision of the Act. And By U/s 72 of the Standards of Weights & Measures (Enforcement Act 1985) the state Govi. in consultation with Central Govt, has been empowered to make Rules for carrying out the provision of there Act (Provision given) in the section itself).

Accordingly the central Govt, in order to carrying out the provisions of the Standards of Weights & Measures Act 1976 make rules on different matters, some of those rules are as follows :

1. The Standard of Weights & Measures (Package Commodities) Rules 1977
2. The Standard of Weights & Measures (General) Rules 1987
3. The Standard of Weights & Measures (Enforcement) Rules 1986
4. The Standard of Weights & Measure (Approval of Models) Rules 1987
5. The Standard of Weights & Measures (National Standard) Rules 1988
6. The Standard of Weights & Measures (Numeration) Rules 1987
7. The Standard of Weights & Measures (inter state verification and stamping) Rules 1987
8. The Indian Institute of Legal Metrology Rules 1980

Similarly the state Govt, being Empowered U/s 72 of the Weights & Measure (Enforcement) Act 1985 made Rule of carrying out the provision of the Act of 1985 and one such Rule is West Bengal Standard of Weights & Measures (Enforcement) Rules 1990.

Now new Central Act is passed in the name of Legal Metrology Act 2009.
Now new Central Rule is passed in the name of Legal Metrology General Rule 2010.
A new State Rule is introduced Called State Legal Metrology Enforcement Rule 2011.

The object of laws on Weights & Measures is to provide or social justice to all purpose being, "no less on more" but just exact, it ensures a good trade & practice and ultimately help in building a honest society. It insures protection & justice to the consumer above all the member of the society. Therefore Enforcement of the laws and rules there under should be concern to one and all.


To ascertain gain or loss in Sales, Purchase to provide only reliable means of maintaining adequate control over the storage & distribution & stock keeping & in industrial production process control, as Oils, Chemicals & its allied products are very costly items business & service render from it.

  • Profit & Loss depends on accuracy of storage tank calibration work &
  • Settlement of disputes in management, Production, Purchase/Sales cycle.
Dear Customer,

    We take pleasure to introduce ourselves to you as a leading calibration of Liquid Storage Tanks etc. We undertake execution work of calibration / Re-calibration Liquid Storage Tanks according to relevant Indian Standard Specification & preparing the computerized calibration chart to meet statutory obligation of Legal Metrology Dept. of State Govt. & to ascertain gain or losses in sales/purchase to provide only to reliable means of maintaining adequate control over the storage & distribution losses. The said calibration charts will be duly checked & certified by Dept. of Legal Metrology / C.P.W.D. (Govt. of India) / M.M.D. (Govt. of India) & will also help to meet the requirement of Central Exercise, Custom & State Exercise etc.

    We are already working under Legal Metrology Dept./C.P.W.D. in the state of West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Chattrishgarh, Sikkim, U.P., Bihar, A.P. Haryana, Assam, Gujrat M.P. & other states in India.

    We hope you will give us a scope to engage our technical expertise in your valued job. Customer Satisfaction is our motto, we assure prompt & efficient service at all time.

Thanking you, Yours faithfully,
For M/s. Girish Chandra Ghosh & G.G.S.


As per the provision of section 27 of the standard weights & measures rule 2011 no weights & measure shall be sold or offered processed for sale use of kept for use in any transaction or protection unless it has been verified & stamp & as provided in State Enforcement Rule 2011 framed under the Legal Metrology Act 2009.

The Storage tank including vats used or intended to be used in any Transaction or protection must be re-verified or recalibrated & stamp at least once in 5 years the definition of the world the Transaction defined in 2 of the Standard Legal Metrology Act 2009 under which the said Act has been enacted which runs as follows.

  • Any contract for Sale, Purchase, Exchange or any other purpose.
  • Any assessment or Royalty, Tool or other duties.
  • Any assessment of work done, wages dues or service rendered, their storage tank can’t be excluded from the preview of the above said Act & Rules.
For ISO quality certification of Calibration of Storage Tank is essential accurately required by ISO official
  • To meet Central Excise / State Excise & Custom Duty obligation in view of the aforesaid it is essential to get storage tank calibrated by owners and to get rid if any legal action as provided in the said Act.
  • Fines & seizures for non compliance.

Quality Policy

We are committed to achieve and sustain leadership in Calibration of Storage Tank & Manufacturing.

Repairing in Weighing Machine & other allied service to customers as per acclaimed standards to meet their expectation in regard to quality & readability.

We are leading company in calibration & weighing world. We are committed to meet consumer quality service at a competitive price.

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