Govt. Approved License Manufacturer / Repairer & Dealer / NSIC ONICRA Credit Rated Co.
Govt. Approved Calibration of Storage Tank of Petrolium, Chemical, Oil, Other Liquid Storage Tanks & Manufacturer of Weighing Machines and Complete Weighing Solution.
Leading Storage Tank Calibrator & Surveyor in India & Abroad
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  +91 98300 81365
24 Hours Helpline (24 Hours Service)
Company Profile
20th August, 2013. ITC Sonar, Kolkata
Receiving Award of excellence in Service Sector - 2013

  Vertical Floating Roof Tanks
Vertical Cylindrical Roof Tanks
Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks
Underground Horizontal Tanks
Rectangular Tanks
Blending Tanks
Bullets with Spherical Ends
Horton Spheres
Elliptical Tanks
Cryogenic & Pressurised Tanks
Wooden Vats and Casks
  Tank calibration is often referred to as "tank strapping" derived from to the old method of placing metal bands or straps around wooden containers used for the storage of oils.  
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